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Original Cannabis Cafe Launch

Key messaging was the thread for all communication around the cafe with media. Through tactical positioning, the cafe launched under a global spotlight resulting in positive media placements in national outlets that do not normally report on cannabis, along with media newswires for global coverage, and local segments which re-aired around the country.

What it’s like to go to the first cannabis cafe in the United States:


Curated by the cafe’s renowned cannabis expert (and vendor relations director), Red Rodriguez, the "flower" menu is robust, straightforward and descriptive. It clearly states the THC potency of each item and categorizes them into easy-to-understand sections.
- USA Today

Flower Menu Curation + Strategic Alliances

As a first and only of its kind, the cafe's world-renowned Flower Menu featured California's most unique & highest quality brands & farms. The Flower menu consists of pre-rolls, flower, edibles, concentrates, along with devices for smoking.

The menu brought forth strategic partnerships and for the first time ever put all cannabis brands on an even playing field in the eyes of consumers. Working with brands, we changed the conversation around cannabis consumption.

Drive-thru Launch

October 1, 2019: Launch of the first Cannabis Restaurant in America

December 1, 2019: Re-brand to Original Cannabis Cafe
Budget: $0
Results: +4 Billion global media impressions

The OG Cannabis Cafe launched a drive-thru service at the end of April 2020 which gained local and national attention through strategic messaging and the use of earned media, content creation, and influencer relationships.

Budget: $0
Featured on: TV, digital media, cannabis trade, mainstream press, tastemaker social content
Estimated Impressions: 469,294,163


An Elevated Season Of Giving:

“We price everything we have in store based on the competition, not off the median income. Not only is the
place extremely nice but you can get stuff that is competitively priced, if not cheaper,” said Red Rodriguez, who works in Vendor Relations for the store.

-THC Designs Blog

Her highness nyc
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Develop strategic key messaging to launch female-owned NYC-based cannabis and CBD brand in Los Angeles. Produced content reflective of NYC roots with the essence of LA.  

Services: content, messaging, retail marketing, tastemaker gifting 


A lifestyle coffee brand that integrates media and wellness. Inspired by the "get out there" campaign Green Hour encourages its users to wake up get baked and live life.

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Famous Farms
A top-shelf native brand to Los Angeles, Famous Farms has reentered the cannabis space navigating the market using a unique IP to relaunch its brand. The Famous Farms line now includes 1/8 flower, 1/8 Pack & 1g single joint.
Albert Einstones: el bunitio
Albert Einstones is a cannabis platform that uses creativity as a business tool. Utilizing data and IP within retail we have been able to help Albert Einstones create original innovative products to the cannabis market.
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