Bring a unique perspective in the market and create high-quality THC & CBD products. 


Budtender Education

Customer Retention

Retail Marketing

Sales and Inventory Logistics 

SOP Development 


Providing analysis and creative solutions for your market challenges


Public Relations


Digital (social media and content)

Tastemaker Relationships

Marketing Opportunities

Digital Activations

In today's climate, it's imperative to continue conversations and create experiences for your audience digitally through content and live streams. 

Product Development 

Bring a fresh perspective to your brand and develop unique THC and CBD products.

SWOT Analysis and Brand Audit 

Find the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to your brand and solutions.

Brand Storytelling 

Discover the engaging stories around your products and company to develop engaging campaigns.

Los Angeles Relevance 

LA is a unique metro with diverse inhabitants, distinct markets, and a global hub for creative culture as an exporter of trends. 

Media and Publicity

Locally relevant media for earned and paid opportunities.

Cultural Relevance 

Be part of the conversation in cannabis and stay relevant with consumers as the category leader.


Influence the influencer. Drive awareness to your brand through key relationships.

retail marketplace

Develop a unique purchasing experience by maximizing your retail space to engage consumers.

  • Cannabis Procurement Retail

  • Branding Strategic partnerships

  • Sales SOP's

  • Education SOP's

  • Compliant Operation SOP's

  • Retail Leverage programs

  • Community activations

  • Product & Consumer KPI reports